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Metal Roofing



What is metal roofing ?


Metal tile panels are a graceful and durable roofing material, suitable for most pitched roof applications. They combine the traditional look with the latest technology and can be used on residential and commercial buildings, and for replacing old roofs. Metal tile panels are made from sheet metal which is zinc-plated on both sides, with several protective layers, which ensures durability. It is one of the most light-weight roofing materials, which is an advantage because it does not require a heavy roof support structure. The weight of the material is particularly important for re-roofing old buildings, since light-weight metal panels do not require reinforcing the supporting structures. One square (10'x 10') of metal roof weighs 96 lb., which is about 10 times lighter than traditional clay tiles.

A wide range of colors and applicability of the panels on various roof profiles allow the matching of the roof to the exterior of the building and the surroundings. The length of the tile panels are cut to an optimal size to eliminate wastage and keep the client's cost as low as possible.

Unlike other roofs, installation of metal roof panels is quick and inexpensive.


Why metal tile panels ?


Excellent long term investment - Lowest cost per annum coverage,

  • Beauty and function - Metal roofs look better and last longer,

  • Fire resistant - Class A fire resistant,

  • Wind resistant - Class A wind resistant (up to 150 km/h),

  • Light weight - Eliminating structures sagging,

  • Moisture resistant - Treated metal and finishes resist oxidation,

  • Stain resistant - Mildew resistant, unlike asphalt shingles,

  • 100% recyclable materials - Environmentally friendly,

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What We Do









Roll Forming

Roll Forming is a progressive process that passes a metal strip through a series of specially shaped rolls to form a desired profile. Strip stock is fed through successice contoured rolls that progressively form the metal to meet our desired specifations.. At the final stage Homestile Roofing panels are cut to precise lenght..


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